Should Authors Write Book Reviews?

Yes, authors should review books, if they have the time!
What a thought provoking question, Carrie.

Carrie Rubin

A recent blog post has my mind churning.

Kristen Lamb, an author, social media sage, and guru for writers, penned a wonderful article titled “Three NEVERS of Social Media for Writers.”

One of the things she recommends is never writing a bad book review. In fact, she suggests writers should not publish book reviews on their blogs at all: “Our BRAND is AUTHOR, not ‘book reviewer.’ My opinion is we can’t do both.”

book review form Original Image from Microsoft Clip Art

In terms of publishing book reviews on my blog, I tend to agree. Only on rare occasions have I posted a review. But up until now, my hesitancy stemmed mostly from not wanting to change the tone of my blog. Given the number of books I read, I would soon be posting nothing else.

But now I’m wondering about the wisdom of reviewing books at all, either on my blog or on Amazon…

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