About BK


By day, I’m a mild manner Engineering Technician. Tap root to a team of designers who are ridding Ohio of its old, inefficient gas mains by researching and updating pipeline infrastructures so the people of my fine four-seasoned state can stay warm in the winter time.

By night, I’m lost in-

The Mind’s Eye.

Virtual reality becomes reality- I’m a GOD creating worlds so others may escape chaos by traveling to new places far different, or not so different, than their own. A realm where readers can face impossible odds and still find themselves triumphant- taking their feelings of achievement from one world and using them to fuel the other.

There is limitless space in the Mind’s Eye. Writers, Artist, and Performers let us not embark on this journey alone. I will be a warm light for my fellow dreamers like my “Senpai” was for me.


BK 007




    1. I like Benjamin Sisko, a.k.a. Hawk. I especially like listening to his speech pattern and tone of voice. Man that guy is awesome. He’s right up there with the Allstate guy (Dennis Haysbert), not quite a James Earl Jones, but who is.

      1. James Earl Jones is a boss..Hawk, that is great..have not thought of that show for years…

  1. Great website, Brian! I really like your banner; she looks deadly. I love learning more about you and how came to be a writer. Sometimes it does just happen that way, and I’m sure it is one hell of a surprising gift to open!

    Good luck with your writing journey and I will be checking on you often!

    1. Thank you Kate, now I actually feel like I have a website. Wow and just think, this all started because Ms. KJ was playing devil’s advocate with point-of-views. Your visit is much appreciated. “Hey will you sign my book Ms. KJ, I read your books all the time……. hahaha, just practicing Kate. You know, for when you do your book tour.

  2. Hey Brian, this is just a selfish suggestion from me so don’t feel like you have to do it…but even though I’m following your blog I don’t get notifications in my email box of any new posts you make. Would you ever consider adding a widget to your site to enable people to subscribe to your blog via email? I know it would help me immensely because then I’d know when you have something up. But, as I say, don’t do it just for me. Only if you think it would be beneficial to you.

    There. That’s my one selfish request for the day. 🙂

    1. How is that a selfish request? :O)
      This is why you are Coach KJ. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such humility crammed into one request. It’s a good thing I carry a mini-notebook, because I definitely need to take notes. Your request is so humbly granted.
      Thanks for the suggestion, COACH.

      1. Hey, thanks for this! I just wandered onto your blog and voila! I see the little email subscription box. I clicked it. Yay.

        Now, just so you know tomorrow I have an awards post going up. I nominated you for one of the awards. You don’t have to do anything with it; some people find them to be more of a nuisance than anything. However, I don’t mind them because it gives me a chance to direct attention to other neat blogs…like yours!

  3. Brian,

    First, thanks for swinging by my blog. I’m glad you found mine, because so far, I really like yours (and my son is going to LOVE your background – he’s 6 and really into space at the moment).

    Best of luck… and may the fecal matter not stick to the page 🙂

      1. I was talking about when you said, “Geez, now I feel guilty about my story called “FIVE”. I hadn’t read any of it yet, so that was like a little teaser enticing me to read it.

        You must have been a marketer in a past life or something 🙂

      2. Yes, I knew what you meant. I was feigning ignorances, but I did feel a little guilty when you mentioned your 6 year old son. My story excerpt is a tad bit gritty at the beginning. Whenever someone mentions Children and my webpage in the same sentence my thought is, please don’t let your child read “FIVE”. It’s not for children. I have no desire to traumatize children.

  4. Great web site, interesting history. We share the late blooming gene and a couple of other things. I’m retired from a career in education and social work. Last day job was teaching special ed in HS on TX/Mexico border. Pleased now to have time to write and to correspond with folks like the soon to be famous, best selling author, Brian B. King

  5. I like your honesty. What’s your novel about, Brian?

    From your posts and comments, I could easily see your writing played on TV. Anyone tell you that before? I think you have an ear for dialogue and there’s a comedian in you I wouldn’t mind listening to =)

    1. There should be a freakin favorite comment section on this damned website. I’m just going to sit and hit the enter key on my keyboard and pretend like it’s the “save comments to favorites button.”
      My honesty has been slightly crippled over the past decade, but I’m getting back to being that person.
      Thank you Lila, for sharing your encouraging words. Your dialogue is the bestestest- est. I have 10 novels in summary, and 6 of the 10 are in Outline, 3 of the 6 are in 1st Draft, and 1 of the 3 is in 2nd draft.

      My novel, currently in its second draft, is about detective Synovia A. Nahveah who is endowed with super natural abilities that are causing her to have a psychotic disorder, because of a traumatic experience she’s had as a child. She is forced to deal with her condition and solve the toughest case in her career, which will bring her gruesome childhood to the surface. Her past and present will collide. Will Synovia survive?

      1. Aw. You’re most welcome, I’m honored. Many of your comments are favorites of mine as well, so thank you, it’s mutual. =)

        Nice blurb. I love the idea of this novel of yours. It reminds me of a novel idea I have in what you call the “summary” stage (I also have several incomplete novels). I enjoy the whole psychosis bit; a character having a super-power of sorts which is also a disability. Very close to this idea you have in your story. That combination intrigues me to no end.

        I wonder why her survival is dependent on the case she’s trying to solve though (RE the last line of the blurb)? Can you tell me more about that?

        I hope you get to publish this soon. When do you wish to release it?

    1. Woohoo, *cartwheel*, *backflip*, *forward somersault*, *Front pike with a twist*- Bahahahaha (Best Selling Author) BSA Jaime followed my blog before she became an international best seller. Woohoo- read’em and weep people, READ’EM AND WEEP. :OP
      I guess I could have just said, thank you.

  6. I have really enjoyed what I have seen of your writing and your site setup. My son is a graphic novel illustrator, and my husband is a novelist(unpublished) and a poet(published). I found your site after you posted on my daughter, Emmie Mears’ blog that you wanted to share her post from today— We are still celebrating coast to coast about her news! Your past sounds very much like mine, and I am sure you can take all that experience and run with it. I will be following and pulling for you!

    1. Thank you for taking the time out to comment on my blog page. I feel so honored. I would really like to meet all of you, especially your husband, the unpublished novelist. I don’t get to meet to many guys out here. It’s probably the genre. There are not too many males in Urban Fantasy.
      It’s funny you mention your son being a graphic novel illustrator. I have a friend who was writing a graphic novel, but he didn’t have an illustrator, so he decided to change it to a novel.

      It’s exciting to watch others go where you want to go, well it is for me. Emmie is so frickin entertaining a.k.a. funny.

      I’ll be waiting for the book. I hope I don’t have to chase a publisher down, because they’re taking their sweet’ol time publishing a future best selling author.

  7. Interesting about your son! Ours worked on his illustrations for nearly 5 yrs before he found someone to do the writing. My husband, like you, has done so many things in life, it is staggering. He started this novel 20 yrs ago. It is about his years working as a teacher on the Crow Indian reservation here in Montana. It is a cultural and psychological fantasy novel about earthchange, and how the Crow are able to return to their old ways and teach the protagonist how to live as a “humanbeing”. You can go to his site–Medicine Heart and the Ways of Earthchange, to get a clearer picture. I am sure he would like to meet you. He, also, would love nothing better than to live on his writing! As for Emmie, I have gotten to know her all over again through her blog. The depth of her humor has astounded me. What a hoot she is! Email me or facebook me at Rebecca L. Goldson if you think your son would like to get in touch with ours for future endeavors. And by the way, I was born and raised in Sandusky–HA!

  8. Cuz your badass like that!! You create those worlds my friend!!! We can’t wait to jump in them as you take us to these extraordinary places created by your mind!! Love the new look of your blog!!! 😉

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