By day, I’m a mild manner Engineering Technician. Tap root to a team of designers who are ridding Ohio of its old, inefficient gas mains. Researching and updating natural gas pipelines so the people of my fine four-seasoned state can stay warm in the winter time. At night is when I lose myself. The Mind’s Eye. Virtual reality becomes reality, and I am a GOD creating worlds so others may escape chaos by traveling to new places far different, or not so different, than their own. A realm where readers can face impossible odds and still find themselves triumphant. Taking their feelings of achievement from one world and using them to fuel the other. There is limitless space in The Mind’s Eye. Writers, Artist, and Performers let us not embark on this journey alone. I will be a warm light for my fellow dreamers like my “Senpai” was for me. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO THE SAME.

Piper Bee

About a month ago, I had the idea to write the backstory for Zolithia as a series of short stories that I could give to anyone for free. Immediately, I began working on one that is referenced early in my novel. It’s about the birth of a princess and a young boy desperate to protect her.

To make a long story short (pun definitely intended), the first story is available now! If you sign up for my email list, you can get the whole thing right to your inbox!

But… if you don’t want to do that just yet, here is a little excerpt for you.

“It’s a…” Sierre whimpered, but she trembled immensely. Harlo rounded the corner to see why she had squealed.

The first thing he saw was the overturned basket, which explained the crash he’d heard. In their father’s study, Sierre trembled in one corner. And…

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Piper Bee

I’ve been talking about writing some free short stories so I can put my work out there. I am a writer, I promise! While blogging is a great way to get words published online, my heart is for creative writing. For some time, I’ve been at war with myself over what kind of blog I should have and what type of material I want to share. If you know me personally, you probably know I’ve failed with a few different blogs.

I’m not afraid of failure anymore.

Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure.

Aisha Tyler

Now, I’m trying something different. Honestly, something I wanted to do a long time ago, but had no idea how to do. And I still may be in over my head. I’m going to write short stories and put them here for free.

Now, yes, it’s true that I…

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A Ruined Chapel by Moonlight

standing-color-cropped Carrie Rubin, author of “Eating Bull” and “The Seneca Scourge”

[I recently read the bookEating Bull, by Carrie Rubin. I loved it, and contacted the author.  She very kindly agreed to be interviewed about her work.  Enjoy!]

BG: I’ll start at the beginning: how did you get the idea for “Eating Bull”? Did the idea just come to you one day, did some specific incident suggest it, or…?

CR: A little bit of both. Overweight/obesity is a professional interest of mine. I’ve dealt with it in both a clinical and research setting. Many people assume a large BMI means a lack of willpower, but that’s both inaccurate and unfair. Many other factors come into play, especially our disastrous food environment where processed food, mega-sizes, and sugar-laden junk bombard us wherever we go.

Through fiction, I wanted to bring the issue of the food industry’s role in obesity…

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My Own Adventure

Who is the Red Knight?

This is a question that runs through the heart of the book and provides plenty of mystery around the main character that keeps you reading in an effort to find out more about the elusive identity of the titular character.

The book starts by dropping you straight into the action with the Red Knight and his mercenary company hired by the head of a religious Abbey to hunt down a solitary monster responsible for killing a local family. However, it soon becomes clear that the situation is not all as it seems and the Red Knight – along with the Abbey and surrounding lands – may have bigger problems than originally bargained for!

The book is set in a sort of quasi-medieval England with references to real places in England (Sir John of Reigate), Jesus, and other European countries. As this setting is a fairly…

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