Some of my favorite books

Brent Weeks, Ilona Andrews, David Baldacci, and Lisa Gardner are my mentors (They don’t know it yet, because I haven’t told them.)


Brent Weeks is my favorite Author. He is the three dimensional master.

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Ilona Andrews created one of the best heroine series I’ve ever read. Hell, one of the best urban fantasy series I’ve ever read so far. I love Kate Daniels and Curran; they kick ass. Okay, Ilona Andrews is my favorite author too. I can have two favorite authors, right.


When it comes to crime mystery/thrillers David Baldacci’s Maxwell and King Series is hard to beat.


Now Lisa Gardner is nuts. She has a sick mind when it comes to creating serial killers. You would swear she used to be one.


TheUglies Series was the first series I ever finished, and I loved it.


Thanks Coach KJ. My Sister’s Keeper (loved it) was the first book that I ever wanted to throw across a room. I need to share a few words with that Jody Picoult lady-person.

carolyn crane0312377274_01__SCL_SX200_extra-elizabeth-sims-hardcover-cover-art97803125865771075219234_9780451464774_large_Daughter_of_the_Sword

I’m reading these books because I want to know what Cameron McClure is looking for in her clients. I actually like Carolyn Crane and Elizabeth Sims. I didn’t think I would. I haven’t gotten to Steve Bein yet, but it’s on my list. HA! Now it’s 11/07/2013, I’m reading Daughter of the Sword by Steve Bein. Oh Yeah Suckas!!!!!!!!


Terry is just awesome.


This is my first and favorite Nora Roberts novel.


The Marshal Plan was my first how-to-book on writing a Novel.

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2013, I start my Donald Maass binge.

It’s 2013 and The Maass, a.k.a. Master Yoda, is a phenomenal teacher and real life Jedi Master. For over thirty years he has been using the force to study the art of storytelling. If you are a story lover, like I am, and have read any of his books or heard him speak on the subject of story telling, then you know why he’s “The Yoda”.


  1. Hey BK, I just saw this. Glad you like my books — against expectations! My next book, coming in April from Writer’s Digest Books, might interest you: it’s called YOU’VE GOT A BOOK IN YOU: A STRESS-FREE GUIDE TO WRITING THE BOOK OF YOUR DREAMS. In particular, you might like the section on Stormwriting (which is a better way to brainstorm). Anyway, good to see your blog and best wishes in your writing.

      Forty year old man is hyper-ventilating!
      Brian B. King does not panic.
      Elizabeth Sims called me BK.
      Yes, Brian B. King does panic.
      I’m going to go Fanboy now.
      Did I just verb the noun?
      This is awesome! Thank you so much for the visit- Elizabeth Sims.

  2. I’m calm now but still grinning from ear to ear. You made my decade.

    Thank you for the book suggestion. I will probably put “YOU’VE GOT A BOOK IN YOU” on the backburner.
    After I finish with Rita, I’m going to introduce myself to Lillian. I want to see the transition from Lillian to Rita.
    I have all three of Rita’s books, but I’m just finishing the first (reading too many books at once).

    1. You are a riot, BBK. No wonder Ms. Sims stopped by to comment — your blog is purely, irrevocably YOU. No pretenses. No BS. This is a moment to remember. 🙂

      Now get over yourself and get back to your novel.

    1. I’ve read The Camel Club Series, The Shaw Series, Maxwell and King Series, Saving Faith, and The Last Man Standing. I enjoyed them all too. I love Oliver Stone. I’m a Baldacci fan. Innocent is next on my list. If you like David Baldacci, you probably would like Lisa Gardner and Lee Childs too. Thanks for stopping by Pete

  3. Thanks for the follow, BK (may I call you BK?) 🙂 I’m a huge Baldacci fan as well. His debut novel, “Absolute Power” was stunning. I wish I could write a first novel half as good as that.

    You’ve probably read these authors too, but Elmore Leonard and Dennis Lehane are masterful writers as well.

    Good luck with your career.


    1. Thanks for your comments on Flogging the Quill Chris. It was a painful and an exhilarating experience, but above all, it was helpful.
      Yes, I’m definitely a David Baldacci fan.
      Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of reading books from Dennis Lehane and Elmore Leonard, but I am interested in reading Shutter Island though.

      Yes, you can call me BK

      1. Wow, I didn’t know you were “that” Brian! 🙂 Kudos to you for braving Ray’s FTQ gauntlet. I’m still working up the nerve to submit the first page and chapter of my WIP. Ray knows his stuff, and most of the comments I’ve read in the year or so I’ve been following FTQ are instructive AND constructive.

        My only nitpick with his method is that he cuts off a “first page” at 250 words, which is bit arbitrary because maybe the sentence starting with word 251 is the killer line. He’s often mentioned that the better hook or start to a first chapter that he’s posted is on page 2 or 3. I think that makes writers feel obiigated to condense their first page so it fits into the 250-word limit just to “please him,” which might not work for the writer’s voice or style.

        But FTQ is great for us aspiring-to-be-published writers to learn what a solid, compelling page one looks like to an experienced editor. If we can’t learn from our mistakes, author is the wrong business for us.


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