The Study of Micro-Tension

Tension on every page The dynamic duo, except there is no Batman or Robin. Think Superman and Wonder Woman. Donald Maass talks about Micro-Tension on Writer Unboxed. An interview with Donald Maas on Writer Unboxed – Tension on every page.  Linda Clare talks about Micro-Tension from Donald’s book Writing 21st Century Fiction by Jan O’hara   Infusing Micro-tension in your Novel – from the site of C.S. Lakin, Live Write Thrive

Books by Donald Maass

2 MaassFireinFictioncoverclosecrop_000

4 thoughts on “The Study of Micro-Tension”

  1. It ate my first attempt. Let’s try again:

    I thought you were going to list a new source – only to find that you’re pointing back to Maass’ book. Phew. I thought I’d have to read a new book.

    It has been become part of my ‘process’ to go through the 14 areas for tension that he lists – and ask myself, for each scene, whether I’m missing any opportunities to turn up the heat. I always get new ideas.

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