3 responses to “People of Legend

  1. I’ve read some of your posts and other writing. There is a hint of subtle humor that I found enjoyable. (God, that sounded cheesy) But it’s true nonetheless. You have a great sense of subtle humor. I hope that you allow that to blossom in your writing. Just a hopeful note from someone who will look forward to reading more. Your humor is one of your strengths. Here’s hoping you will utlilize it to your advantage…and your readers’.

    • Well, hot damn, thanks Merk. It didn’t sound cheesy at all. It’s nice to here some positive feedback, especially when I understand that I have a lot of craft and grammar maturing to do. I going to assume that you saw a comment on WU. I’m pretty sure I saw your picture from the “Literary Terms Defined: The Uncommon and Common” post.

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