The Legend of Redwood


Cover 001.04

Yuree, the only survivor of the west coast massacre, is taken to the Shinobi village ruled by the merciless killer. There he is raised by the land’s unrivaled blade master—a woman dedicated to the way of the sword as a way to escape the pains of her past.

Haunted by vengeance, Yuree paves a path of death, while fighting the yearnings of intimacy after saving the life of the ruler’s troubled daughter, a young girl destined to be the Clan’s executioner.

In the meantime, the growing reign of the Tyrant is moving north in the direction of the Shinobi Clan. She already has the southern part of Redwood, once known as California, underfoot, and now, is looking to conquer the entire land. The only chance the Northern Villages have is to acquire the help of the uncanny, supernatural People of Legend.


  1. I’ve read some of your posts and other writing. There is a hint of subtle humor that I found enjoyable. (God, that sounded cheesy) But it’s true nonetheless. You have a great sense of subtle humor. I hope that you allow that to blossom in your writing. Just a hopeful note from someone who will look forward to reading more. Your humor is one of your strengths. Here’s hoping you will utlilize it to your advantage…and your readers’.

    1. Well, hot damn, thanks Merk. It didn’t sound cheesy at all. It’s nice to here some positive feedback, especially when I understand that I have a lot of craft and grammar maturing to do. I going to assume that you saw a comment on WU. I’m pretty sure I saw your picture from the “Literary Terms Defined: The Uncommon and Common” post.

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